The key to providing consistent high quality optics is the ability to accurately test, measure and quantify the optical properties of a finished component. OSI’s in-house metrology department uses state-of-the-art measurement and verification equipment to ensure quality throughout all phases of production.


Aspheric InterferometerTest Collage1

This is done with advanced metrology tools and high-precision equipment such as:

  • Zygo GPI and PTI Phase Shift Interferometers
  • Zygo VeriFire Aspheric Interferometer
  • Zygo 2M Radius Bench
  • Zygo NewView 5022 Surface Profiler
  • SBIR Far Field SImulator
  • Micro Vu Cubix
  • Precitech FMS 8150

Every optic manufactured at OSI is inspected to the highest degree by providing intensive documentation, interferograms, full data sheets, and certificate of conformance for a complete acceptance and data package ensuring our commitment to quality and our goal to exceed our customers’ expectations.Far Field Simulator